Friday, April 21, 2017

Groundbreaking + Announcement

In February, Daniel and his construction crew broke ground on the latest building project: the Good Shepherd's Fold (GSF) MK School Building. As the project began, the workers and GSF staff gathered together for a time of prayer.

It is a significant testimony to the communities around GSF to begin such a project with prayer. Animal sacrifices (and at times even child sacrifices) are fairly common in the region as a way of beginning projects. People practice these wrong things in an attempt to gain favor from the spirits in the projects they are about to undertake. Please pray that the Lord would use this witness to bring about change in the hearts and minds of the surrounding communities.

The construction crew has been hard at work since February, and they are making quick progress on the School Building.

Daniel sharing a few words before prayer at the groundbreaking

For this project, Daniel's crew received new hardhats, coveralls, and gumboots. The workers were so excited they insisted on having their picture taken. It's amazing to see how far some new PPE goes for worker morale!

Corinne welcomed a new baby, Joshua, into the Baby House! Joshua was just 19 hours old when he arrived at GSF. He did fairly well at first, but he fell sick when he was just under 4 weeks old. He was taken to Jinja, but his condition worsened and we transferred him to a more advanced hospital in Kampala. Many of you were praying, and the Lord answered and Joshua was healed! Thank you for those of you who interceded on behalf of Joshua. After a few days, Joshua was discharged from the hospital in Kampala and has continued to grow in health and strength at GSF.

Baby Joshua

In mid March, we attended a Global Outreach International mission conference in Israel. It was wonderful to connect and worship with other Global Outreach missionaries.

At the sea of Galilee in Israel

Our family is growing! We are excited to share that Corinne is pregnant. We are expecting baby boy Iya to arrive in late August/early September. Please continue to pray along with us as we go through these next 19 weeks and prepare to meet our son.

Baby Iya is "on the way coming"

It's a boy!

In late March and in April, we were in Pennsylvania in the US. It was great to spend time at home, including spending Good Friday and Easter with our CEFC family.

While in the US, we continued working on Daniel's US immigration paperwork. Daniel is working to maintain status as a US resident while applying for a reentry permit to return to the US for the baby's birth. It has been a challenge for Daniel to maintain resident status in the US while residing and serving in Uganda, but we're thankful that we serve a God whose greatness exceeds any legal system!

Prayer Requests:
  1. Pray for grace, favor, and wisdom for Daniel as he works through the complexities of his US immigration status so that he can get back into the US for Corinne's delivery 
  2. Pray that Daniel’s workers would know Christ and learn how to grow and mature in their faith
  3. Pray for the completion of the GSF School Building before June
  4. Pray for Daniel as he prepares to transition from GSF to Amazima this June
  5. Pray for wisdom for Corinne as she trains and disciples the Baby House aunties
  6. Pray for health in the Baby House, especially for baby Joshua
  7. Pray that the kids in residence at GSF will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  8. Pray that the Sponsorship Program would continue to grow and provide needed funds for GSF
  9. Pray that God would use Daniel and Corinne to further His name in Nyenga village
  10. Pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for the new Iya baby due in August/September

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